Monday, November 7, 2011

Me and my love/hate relationship with my hometown.

So growing up in any city anyone can get bored and hate their hometown.  I know when I was growing up I always wish my hometown was bigger and always wanted to move to the TC.  In the end after I went to a much smaller town to attend a University (pop: 15,000) I realized how important and great my hometown was.  Not only was my hometown much bigger (pop: 65,000) it had more stores and a mall; my hometown I believe is a very historical hmong town.

So where might you say my hometown is?  It's no other than the city of Eau Claire, WI.  Many of you know where this city is, many have never herd of it.  Nevertheless I have realized that I have grown to respect and like this city.  It's quite refreshing that it's an hour and half away from the bustling twin city but close enough for a weekend getaway.  Eau Claire I think is quite centrally located in WI/MN where the majority of Hmong people live. So you might ask why I think it's quite historical?

Well Eau Claire is home of some of the earliest hmong events such as the 3rd city to host Hmong National Development other than the TC and Fresno.  Home of Hmong Civil Right activist Dr. Pobzeb Vang who worked closely with GVP and Lao Veterans of America. It's home of one of the first hmong elected official Joe Bee Xiong for city council.  Hometown of Pagnia Xiong the first Hmong Idol winner and winner of River Centre singing competition.  In addition the first Hmong women principal in the nation, Kaying Xiong at Locus Lane Elementary.  Also hometown of Nou Lee Hmong Pageant Organization(HPO) leader/founder.  These are just a few of the people I know that are from Eau Claire and I'm sure there's more people.  Overall I've realized how great my hometown is and the people who are from here.

So with this said, this upcoming weekend is our yearly Hmong New Year and it would be great if every could join us in this year!  I will be volunteering with the Talent Competition!  So I hope to see you soon!

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