Sunday, November 6, 2011

What to eat: Destiny Cafe

One random day my sister and I wanted to eat some Asian food and saw the HUGE Destiny flyer out side of Sunrise store, so we decided to go in.  Now a few years back, lets say almost 10 years ago I had eaten at this place.  At the time it was own by some other people; recently the place has been owned by one of the Destiny band member.  Since the new ownership the name changed and it has been one of the more popular restaurants.  

After our first time there last July we've been there several times (at least once a month).  The price isn't that expensive and food is great and huge portions too.  The cuisine is south-east asain and there's lots of bbq meats just like the new years and tournaments.  I would say some of my favorite dishes are the fawm kauv, bbq pork, pho' #9 and nam vam!  One of the funniest things is when you look at the menu each pho uses one of Destiny's song i.e. lub paj rose pho (btw, the waitress don't know the pho by the song name...we tried that lol).  So if you're in the TC area stop by one of the two locations.  You won't regret this place!

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