Monday, August 22, 2011

Concert of the YEAR: Legendary Sek LOSO

Hey!  It's been a while and I'm sure you're all wondering what I've been up to?  Well the title of the blog tells it all.  This past weekend I went to the Sek Loso concert in MN.  It was one of those once in a life time concert that I wouldn't miss out on.  If you don't know Sek Loso, he is one of Thailand's most famous music artist and talented guitarist.  You can most definitely Google him up or wiki him and find tons of information about this awesome person!  The best part about Sek is that he has this sexy British accent and I wish I could of recorded it better. So with that said enjoy the photo and video clips from the concert!

                                               LOSO with is shirt off! (sorry I was very far)          

                                                           A closer photo of him.

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