Friday, June 8, 2012

Library Hopping

So this week I have been driving my sister to training all over town.  Like a summer camp job, she had to train at various places and instead of driving all the way home I have been library hopping.  I would take my laptop and gear to find the closest library and use their internet and just check out what their public library had to offer.  To my surprise I get a lot done when I'm at the library!  There wasn't any distraction nor people on their phones.  Most of the libraries I went to had comfy chair, except one had wood chairs...otherwise I would say the quality of our public libraries are very well.  I just wished that more people use these free facilities.  So the next  time you are visiting friends and family and need free wifi or just a book to read...oh and I can't forget AIR CONDITIONING...check out your local library!

Oh and I can't wait to start my 100 days of summer list watch for it!